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Chiara Mangiameli, Studio Mangiameli School for Spanish Dance and Flamenco

· Cultural Arts,Dance
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Tell us about yourself and your business! What do you do or sell?

I'm a flamenco dance teacher and performer. I've been offering flamenco dance classes for children and adults for over a decade. I've also had a varied performance career that presented me with some great collaboration opportunities, such as starring opposite chef Rick Bayless in the Lookingglass Theater production of Cascabel a few years ago.

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614 Dempster St, Evanston 60201



Why did you start this business? If you were a superhero, what would your origin story be?

I fell in love with flamenco music many years ago. and after 9/11 I decided life was too short to not devote myself to things I felt passionate about. So began my journey. 

I've traveled and spent periods of time living in Seville, Spain, to study flamenco and all its aspects: the singing, bata de cola technique, castanets, and more.

What's the story behind the name of your business?

It's simply my last name. Establishing my own personal brand was important to me from the beginning. My name carries my history and legacy and much of what I stand for.

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Why did you choose to locate your business in Evanston? What do you love about coming to work here?

Evanston feels down to earth and sophisticated at the same time. It's big enough to be diverse and vibrant, yet small enough to feel intimate and welcoming.

What sets your business apart from others that perform the same service?

Learning flamenco with us is more than studying technique and memorizing steps. When you step into the studio you join a community of very diverse people all in search of something. Every class presents a new challenge; a new opportunity to see what you're made of; a new chance to get lost in the present. Flamenco, like many musical artistic forms, has an ability to transform. I believe that in some way, every one of our students has experienced what that feels like, and that's why they keep coming back.

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What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about opening a business?

My stepfather is a Creative Director and graphic designer and he's instilled in me the importance of branding and consistency in your delivery. That, paired with a true passion for what you do, is, in my view, the key for success and longevity.