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Dietrich Horsey, D21 Fit Studio

"It takes 21 days to instill healthy new lifestyle changes"

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Tell us about D21 Fit Studio

We follow a three tier training system that keeps the client both consistently engaged in the workouts as well as being continuously challenged by new progressions. Each phase of the system lasts for four weeks before moving onto the next.

Phase 1: Strength Training

This is the first phase of the system, strength. In order to protect the body against injury and overtraining, we begin by conditioning the body. This means we start with low sets and high repetitions to build muscular endurance and teach simple movement patterns that are natural for the body like pushing and pulling. This phase also induces metabolic stress on the body to kick start the metabolism and begin utilizing the nutrients from the diet as a fuel source.

Phase 2: Power Training

Phase 2 of the system is power. After the client has finished their general conditioning, they move into power. During this phase, the sets are increased and the repetitions are decreased. This means the weights lifted in this phase are heavy; and are usually based around the 4 main complex lifts, squat, deadlift, bench press and military press.

Phase 3: Functional Training

The final phase of the system before starting over with increasing intensity and complexity is the functional phase. It is circuit style workout based on undulating work-to-rest ratios. This style of training is very beneficial for fat burning because the body is working so hard to speed up the heart rate and then slow it down during the intervals or work and rest.

Nothing is considered “bad”, in terms of fitness and nutrition. Fitness is not perfection, but rather a series of progressions. You are always moving forward, and overcoming obstacles to create a better version of yourself.

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912 Sherman Ave

Evanston, IL 60202

Why did you start this business? If you were a superhero, what would your origin story be?

From an interview in Voyage Chicago: To begin from where it all started …

As a kid living in Delaware out in the country with very humble beginnings, I was small and energetic but suffered from health issues, so that made me aware of my health (or lack thereof) and this got me interested in sports, manual labor jobs, etc.

I moved to another town 10 miles away, where I met my first wife, who bought me a weight set for my birthday, but along with playing other sports, I embraced weight lifting and began to notice my health improving in spite of all of the drinking I was doing.

Five years later my marriage had ended, I lost my job and was living with a friend. One day, driving on suspended car insurance, I drove to the beach 30 miles away with a chance to make money in a physique contest and won $250. I continued to do it all through the summer; hence, I dedicated myself to bodybuilding and my first real job in fitness training, for the youth at the local YMCA.

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As I gained fame in my small town as a bodybuilder and great trainer, I decided to open up my own gym many years later. Then, I moved to Chicago for more opportunity and challenge, so I basically started all over again, working at Bally’s, LA Fitness, then struck out on my own again after 5 years, working out of a small studio.

That’s what brought me to now, where I have D21 Fit Studio, on Main Street, in Downtown Evanston, because I like to express my enjoyment and understanding of health on a mental and physical level to my clients and trainers. I don’t believe in motivating folks to work, but rather to inspire them to be healthier through exercise, nutrition, and fun!

What's the story behind the name of your business?

The D stands for Dietrich. The 21 stands for the 21 days it takes to instill new healthy lifestyle habits.

Why did you choose to locate your business in Evanston? What do you love about coming to work here?

Evanston has a small town feel, but with the convenience of the city.

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What sets your business apart from others that perform the same service or sell the same services?

We have technological advanced muscle testing that gives us blueprint to acute to advanced imbalances in muscle strength, range of motion, balance and flexibility.

From Voyage Chicago: The gym business is saturated and to say my technique is better than anyone else’s would be bogus, but what we specialize in and sets us apart is our new muscle testing technology approach. And we also make an effort to care about every individual’s needs, whether it be physical or emotional. We, thanks to my wife, send flowers to those who are really sick or mourning and farewell gifts and all that. I have ideas, but my wife is the organizer of my ideas.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about opening a business?

When opening a business it's important to work with in your community because word of mouth is gold!