So many amazing options, so little space

    Evanston-made Art and Artisan Works

    Evanston Made Holiday Market

    832 Dempster St

    Shop for hundreds of handmade goods (art, jewelry, ceramics, etc.) created by Evanston Made members!


    Open thru Dec. 20 at 832 Dempster St., Evanston, IL 60202, Wednesday & Thursday 12-6p • Friday & Saturday 12-7p • Sunday 12-5p

    Puppy Love

    Bentley's Pet Stuff

    743 Chicago Ave

    Toys, treats, cookies, accessories and more for dogs and cats!

    Oils & Sauces Gift Set

    Village Farmstand

    810 Dempster St

    A set of Mole, Tomatillo, Estofado Sauces and Hot Chili Oil, created by local Evanston business El Molcajete Sauces. Also includes 4 original recipes.


    Records, Books, Cards & Gifts

    Squeezebox Books & Music

    743 Main St

    Hot new titles and vintage surprises! Three rooms filled with records, books, puzzles, cards, Evanston T-shirts & more. Gift Cards available.


    Pink and Tan

    604 Dempster St

    A curated design store to discover the perfect home essentials, décor, art and design objects. We focus on small batch, one-of-a-kind, sustainable and ethically sourced gifts made by global and local artisans and designers. Our selection appeal to minimalist ideals and maximalist tendencies in all of us for a cozy home!

    Create Your Own Heirloom

    Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry Design

    1244 Chicago Ave

    One-of-a-kind fine heirloom jewelry will make a fantastic gift for your loved ones this holiday season. Jewelry really is the gift that keeps on giving, because it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

    For the Holistic Home

    In Fine Fettle Holistic Health Center and Wellness Boutique

    900 Chicago Ave (Main St entrance)

    Carefully curated gifts for the holistic home: high quality incense, fair trade mala, meditation cushions, jade facial rollers and much more

    Handmade Ceramics

    Trapdoor Studio

    1303 Chicago Ave

    One of a kind artisan ceramics by Ava DeCapri.

    Custom Gifts with Whimsy

    niceLena & Friends

    1235 Chicago Ave

    Personalize mugs, coasters, candles, jewelry, ornaments, and really, almost anything you can think of at Lena's

    Gems, Fossils and More

    Dave's Down to Earth Rock Shop

    711 Main St

    Since 1970, your source for art, created by Mother Nature

    The Perfect Gift or Card

    stumble & relish

    1312 Chicago Ave

    This store is full of fun, whimsical gifts and cards, and you WILL find the perfect onet. Find Evanston & Chicago themed gift here too!

    DIY Art Kits

    Art Makers Outpost

    609 South Blvd

    At-home art kits are available to take and make the perfect card, jewelry, coasters, posters and more. All materials are recycled, so your creations are supporting sustainability too!

    Treat Your Pets!

    Follow Your Nose

    917 Chicago Ave

    Treats, clothing, accessories and more for your furry companions

    Housewares, Decor and More

    Ten Thousand Villages

    915 Chicago Ave

    When you purchase gifts from TTV, an artisan from an emerging country earns a fair wage

    Original Fine Art


    838 Custer St

    Check TremainART to see current offerings in stock

    Gifts for the Girly Girl

    Marie Parie Boutique

    508 Main St

    Half Paris chic, half rock n' roll, Marie Parie is full of frilly French fancies. Guaranteed to please.

    Vintage Gifts

    Secret Treasures Antiques & Collectibles

    605 Dempster St

    Cards and gifts from yesteryear at great prices


    Drinking and DIY Dining

    The Holiday Variety Pack

    Sketchbook Brewery

    821 Chicago Ave

    Our Holiday Pack has 12 16-oz cans -- a great selection to take to parties

    Pre-Mixed Indian Spices

    Inspired Indian Cooking

    812 Dempster St

    Inspired Indian Cooking offers spice kits for iconic Indian dishes, making it easy for anyone to cook delicious Indian food from scratch.

    Chocolate Stocking Stuffers

    Village Farmstand

    810 Dempster St

    A bar of decadent dark chocolate mellowed with whole vanilla pods ground into the bar. Grown in forest gardens rooted in the indigenous spiritual ecology of the Americas.

    Artisan Chocolates

    Belgian Chocolatier Piron

    509 Main St

    For the holidays we have hundreds of Chocolate Santas, Snowflakes, Trees, Yule Logs, and more.

    Double the Value

    YoFresh Cafe

    635 Chicago Ave

    $10 gift cards on sale for $5 through December 15th. And while you're there, grab a peppermint smoothie or concrete!

    Comfort Desserts

    Comfort Desserts Reimagined

    517 Dempster St

    Four different cakes and dozens of bread puddings, all baked by the delightful Harith Razaa.

    The Perfect Pair with a Big Meal

    Kombucha Brava

    717 Custer St

    This beverage is well known for its positive impact on gut health. What better time than the holidays to add kombucha to the menu?

    All the Delicious

    Noir d'Ebene Chocolat et Patisserie

    1309 Chicago Ave

    Pies, pastry, candy and of course, chocolate.

    Cook Something Amazing

    Homestead Meats

    1305 Chicago Ave

    Holiday turkeys are just one of the things you can order for your family's huge meal.

    Great Bourbon, or some To Go Cocktails

    Few Spirits Distillery

    918 Chicago Ave (Alley Entrance)

    Made with incredible FEW Spirits, distilled right in the neighborhood.

    CBD Treats

    Botanica Plant-based Health

    1306 Chicago Ave

    Chocolate, gummies, gift baskets and more.

    A Really Good Bottle of Wine

    The Wine Goddess

    702 Main St

    But seriously, a really good bottle of wine.


    Cool Clothing and Gorgeous Jewelry

    Custom Designed Jewelry

    Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry Design

    1244 Chicago Ave

    From subtle station necklaces to decadent, heirloom-worthy pendants, Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry has the perfect design for you. Everything is made in their studio using eco-friendly jewelry-making practices and hand-selected precious gems, now available for purchase for the holidays.

    Unique Fair Trade Jewelry

    In Fine Fettle Holistic Health Center and Wellness Boutique

    900 Chicago Ave (Main St entrance)

    Organic essential oils & skincare, fair trade mala necklaces & bracelets supporting working women in Nepal, one of a kind jewelry by local artists

    The Warmest Sweaters

    Anne's Irish Knits

    504 Main St

    In addition to the traditional sweaters, we have cashmere capes, mohair jackets, and scarves. There is also a selection of dresses and suits for women. We offer children's sizes in sweaters and accessories.

    Vintage and Modern Jewelry

    Cottage Jewelers

    530 Dempster St

    Buy a gorgeous piece, or sell something you're not wearing!

    Shop to Help the YWCA

    YWCA Crowded Closet

    824 Dempster St

    Proceeds from all sales at this adorable thrift shop support the mission of the YWCA Evanston-North Shore

    Jewelry for All Budgets

    Virag Jewelers

    703 Main St

    Jewelry from local artisans, and fine pieces too

    For the Girly Girl

    Marie Parie Boutique

    508 Main St

    Half Paris chic, half rock n' roll, Marie Parie is full of frilly French fancies. Guaranteed to please.

    Artisan Jewelry

    stumble & relish

    1310 Chicago Ave

    Artisan Jewelry for every style, sourced locally

    Fair Trade Apparel

    Ten Thousand Villages

    915 Chicago Ave

    When you purchase gifts from TTV, an artisan from an emerging country earns a fair wage

    Designer Thrift Apparel

    Classy Closet Consignment

    701 Washington St

    Great looks at even better prices

    All the Fun Jewelry

    niceLena & Friends

    1235 Chicago Ave

    Handmade jewelry in bright colors and fun designs

  • Experiences

    Zero Waste, Fitness & Wellness, Pampering & Self Care

    Fine Art Photography Exhibit

    Perspective Gallery

    1310 B Chicago Ave

    DEC 1 - DEC 30: Perspective Gallery is proud to present “The Alley Project” a new show by fine art photographer Monica Kass Rogers. Featuring works from Rogers’ three-year exploration of Chicago’s more than 1,900 miles of alleyways, “The Alley Project” presents unexpected abstract views that showcase the “extra” in the ordinary.

    E-Courses in Art

    Amanda Evanston Learning

    1310 1/2 Chicago Ave

    I’m a painter, a maker, a gallery owner, mom, and sometimes I teach art to people who think they are not artistic. Over the years I have taught thousands of individuals how to create beautiful and meaningful works of art. I'm so glad you are here!


    Want to try a free class with me? Good. There is a birch tree forest with your name on it.

    Readings & Healings

    Clairvoyant Center of Chicago

    941 Chicago Ave

    A reading is a spiritual communication. Everyone has their own unique experience. Some find clarification while others find resolve; others find they can make changes with ease and many enjoy a fresh perspective to an area of their life. Virtual or in-person available.

    Totally New You

    Lea Med Spa

    719 Main St

    Holiday Specials:

    • Facial for holiday $80

    • Microneedling $120

    • Botox $8 per unit

    • Filler one syringe s $299

    Relaxation & Day Spa Services

    Eden Agora Spa

    500 Main St

    Manicure, pedicure, massage, facials and more. Gift Cards available.

    The Gift of Fitness

    Club Pilates

    745 Chicago Ave

    Backed by science & beloved by athletes, Pilates helps strengthen everybody to live life to the fullest. Get started by trying a Free Intro Pilates Class today!

    For your New Year's Resolution

    Living Mindfully Health Coaching

    1318 Chicago Ave

    With the right tools, support and accountability expect to let go of the eating and unhealthy habits stopping your best self from surfacing. When you’re stuck in the food, it’s hard to like yourself, and every day can feel like an extension of the last.


    Coaching is the bridge from where you are to where you want to be. And another diet, or magic pill won’t address the emotions and patterns keeping your habits in place.

    Treat Your Nails

    Rock Star Nails & Spa

    635 Chicago Ave

    Rock Star is a genuine wow. Lots of space for gatherings, or just for relaxing.

    Not just great specs

    Evanston Eye Wellness

    714 Main St

    The Dry Eye Clinic is a specialized program to help give you relief. Your tears are a very sophisticated solution created by multiple structures of your eye. Dr. LaBrosse evaluates each component to pinpoint your particular tear deficiency issues so she can create a comprehensive treatment plan.

    CSC: Chiropractic Supporting Community

    Evanston Family Chiropractic & Wellness

    705 Main St

    Many businesses have relied on the community for help, CSA (Farms), CSB (breweries). We want to support our community, and we want to switch it up! Our CSC program is for people that want to stay healthy all year long, but cannot commit to care schedules. An adjustment every 2-4 weeks helps maintain proper alignment and allows for less nervous system interference. Click the link to see pricing.


    Spa it Yourself!



    In Fine Fettle Holistic Health Center & Wellness Boutique

    900 Chicago Ave, Suite 100 (Main St entrance)

    Incense, essential oils, herbs, and more

    Calming Incense,

    Gorgeous Apparel

    TIBETGift Chicago

    828 Dempster St

    The widest selection of incense and incense holders in the whole neighborhood, along with beautiful Tibetan jewelry.

    Bespoke Bath & Body

    The Alchemist's Wife

    917 Chicago Ave

    Perfumes, bath bombs, face and body lotions and grooming products for all genders

    Living Gifts

    Cultivate Urban Rainforest & Gallery

    704 Main Street

    Calling Plant Parents! Bring a sweet new plant into your life.

    CBD Treats

    Botanica Plant-based Health

    1306 Chicago Ave

    Chocolate, gummies, gift baskets and more.

    Easy Listening

    Squeezebox Books & Music

    743 Main St

    Your first source for calming music. Second-hand vinyl, cards, books and gifts, all at extremely affordable prices