• Your hygge survival guide

    Lean into Winter with these cozy comforts.

  • WARM BEVVIES: A must

    We've spotlighted some craft treats below, but for that quick stroll around the block, don't forget that the Main-Dempster Mile is full of coffeehouses that feel like home the second you walk inside. Visit any of these shops to enjoy delicious hot coffee, tea, or other comforting creations:

    Belgian Chocolatier Piron

    525 Dempster St

    Rich, luxurious, iconic hot chocolate made in-house with homemade whipped cream. People come from all over for this hot chocolate every year.

    Blind Faith Cafe

    525 Dempster St

    • Famous hot mulled cider
    • Mexican hot cocoa
    • Spicy Chai

    Firehouse Grill

    750 Chicago Ave

    • Winter Wine: red wine, brandy, warm spices, and orange
    • In-Cider Info: Few whiskey, brandy, cinnamon simple, lemon
    • Homemade Hot Chocolate

    MBG Products

    1043 Chicago Ave

    MBG stands for "Mexico's Best Gourmet" Products, and their best sellers are strong coffee and stunning Talavera pottery. Highly recommended

    Noir d'Ebene Chocolat et Patisserie

    1309 Chicago Ave

    Visit with Journey Shannon at her Community House while you sip exceptional hot chocolate, cider and other cozy confections. The conversation will be just as comforting as the sips.

    FRÍO Gelato​

    1301 Chicago Ave

    Enjoy a Hot Choco-lato at FRÍO! It's made with their delicious chocolate gelato. Enough said.

    Spicy Hot Chocolate from Ten Thousand Villages

    915 Chicago Ave

    This organic cocoa has a bite to it. Excellent with tequila.

    La Principal

    700 Main St

    AVAILABLE 2/2: "Malas Decisiones" features our homemade Mexican hot chocolate, award winning FEW Cold Cut Bourbon, and a chocolate and graham coated toasted marshmallow...for stirring, of course.

  • Spa, meditation & wellness

    If you're not comfortable getting in-person treatments yet, a gift card would still support a local small business.

    Tibet Gift Chicago

    828 Dempster St

    Find a wide selection of singing bowls, incense, incense holders, prayer flags, clothing and jewelry at this serene little shop. A hidden gem on Dempster St.

    NEW SPA ALERT: Lea Medical Spa

    719 Main St

    Grand Opening! Botox, Filler, Facials, Spray Tan and all the things we do for beauty.

    Eden Agora Spa (gift cards available)

    501 Main St

    This gem of a day spa is hidden in plain sight. They provide manicure, pedicure, massage, facials and even more services with all the luxury of a Mag Mile spa.

    Elite Esthetic Center (gift cards available)

    1041 Chicago Ave

    The blankets on the treatment tables are three inches thick. You'll never feel more pampered than when Maria is taking care of you.

    Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago

    608 Dempster St

    Need to find your center again amidst the pandemic? Since 1949, the Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago has helped people work to realize their inherent wisdom and compassion through Zen meditation and Dharma teachings. Available safely in person and by Zoom.

    In Fine Fettle Holistic Health Center & Wellness Boutique

    900 Chicago Ave, Ste 100 (Main St entrance, next to Subway)

    Bring serenity to your body and mind and optimize healthy function with massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine, or browse the boutique's essential oils, incense, pottery and more.

    Clairvoyant Center of Chicago

    941 Chicago Ave

    The Clairvoyant Center of Chicago is a safe place for spiritual growth with your inner sight to have your own perception on things, life, and your path. Be supported by the tools of grounding, centering and alignment within the yourself. And yes you also about the energy of the Earth and Cosmos. Find your balance in the midst of it all.

    Botanica CBD

    1306 Chicago Ave

    Botanica cbd is a quality cbd shop located in Evanston, Illinois serving the Chicago area . Our goals are simple; we curate the best and highest quality whole hemp & cbd products available. We attempt to educate the curious, guide the open-minded and enlighten our customers about the benefits of whole hemp products.


    Indulge yourself in some of the most luxurious and healthy self-treatments you can find in Evanston.

    NEW SPA ALERT: Rock Star Nail & Spa

    635 Chicago Ave

    This new nail spa offers a variety of luxury mani-pedi services along with multiple waxing treatments. CLICK HERE to see their menu of services.

    The Alchemist's Wife

    917 Chicago Ave

    This store is your source for bath and body. It should be your first stop for organic, handmade products for both men and women. Bath bombs are especially plentiful, affordable and fun.

    JD Mills Health Foods

    635 Chicago Ave

    Yelp Comment: "you can find every imaginable & elusive herb or supplement here short of werewolf blood. And in the slim, slim chance that they don't have what you're looking for, they will order it for you."

    In Fine Fettle Holistic Health Center & Wellness Boutique

    900 Chicago Ave (Main St entrance, next to Subway)

    Bath and body products rooted in Chinese medicine and herbal remedies.

    Shaker Traditions

    613 Dempster St

    Racks and racks at this handmade American craft shop are dedicated to soaps, lotions and other bath products. Open for in-store shopping only.

    Marie Parie Boutique

    508 Main St

    As with everything else at this shop, the bath and body collection at Marie Parie is best characterized as fun, spunky, pink and Parisian. You will fall in love with this store.

    stumble & relish

    1310 Chicago Ave

    Every bath and body product you find at stumble & relish will make you squeal with delight. The selection is clever and also practical - balm for both your skin and your heart.

    Ten Thousand Villages

    915 Chicago Ave

    Soaps, balms, essential oils and body creams, pumice stones, hemp washcloths, neck pillows. Ten Thousand Villages is a treat for your face and body.

  • COZY TEXtiles

    Hats, scarves, socks and more!

    Anne's Irish Knits

    504 Main St

    You will never experience a shop like Anne's Irish Knits again. Walk inside and it smells like Ireland. Sweaters for men, women and kids that will make your coat obsolete. Plus luxurious blankets and other textiles.

    Ten Thousand Villages

    915 Chicago Ave

    Hats, scarves, throws, outerwear, capes, pashminas and more. Tons of cushy textiles to make you warm and cozy all winter long.

    Marie Parie Boutique

    508 Main St

    Your premiere spot for loungewear. Plush, luxurious pjs, joggers and the occasional thick fleece robe will make this winter a pleasure.

    stumble & relish

    1310 Chicago Ave

    Your secret sneaky spot for warm winter socks! So many funky pairs for adults and children, all of which will bring a smile to your face.

    The Mexican Shop

    801 Dempster St

    One of the largest assortments of warm hats, scarves, socks, and towels along with ... really, anything you can think of and some things you would never think of in a million years. In-store shopping only.

  • say hello to our furry pet friends: Shop cats and dogs

    If you're lucky enough to stop by when these furry friends are around, you might get a big, safe, furry hug.


    Kratos Strength Systems

    1310 Sherman Ave

    This happy poodle is the star of his own tee shirt that you can buy at Kratos. Yuri loves everyone with a joy that is absolutely contagious.

    Adoptable Fosters from CARE North Shore

    Follow Your Nose

    917 Chicago Ave

    Follow Your Nose has fostered almost 50 cats over the years, and you can almost always meet one when you're there. CLICK HERE for info on CARE North Shore.


    Cottage Jewelry

    530 Dempster St

    They're not there all the time, but when they are, Daisey and her sib will 100% plant their paw on the counter to say hi.


    Tremain Art

    838 Custer Ave

    Buddy is a gorgeous dog who loves a belly rub and just wants to press up against you while you talk art with Mom and Dad.


    Soapies Dry Cleaning & Tailoring

    1231 Chicago Ave

    This happy little dog hoards Crocs. If you take your Crocs off while you're working, you can be sure they'll end up in Chester's bed.


    Shumaker Design Associates

    703 Washington St

    Purcey is the Studio Pup who spends most of his day in the studio window. Go give him a wave and a thumbs up!


    In Fine Fettle Holistic Health Center & Wellness Boutique

    900 Chicago Ave Ste 100 (Main St entrance)

    Even if you don't see Lulu in the window at In Fine Fettle, you can see her on her frequent walks down Main. She loves to say hi!


    Rainbows for All Children

    614 Dempster St (Upstairs)

    Hercules has been hanging out at Rainbows ever since he was a tiny puppy, which wasn't that long ago. This gorgeous bulldog is an absolute love.

    Ricky Bobby

    The Pony Shop

    1244 Chicago Ave

    Ricky Bobby is new at the Pony Shop, and is *maybe* the cutest dog in the district.

    Ivann & Minion

    Bentley's Pet Stuff

    743 Chicago Ave

    Ivann is a fluffy white dog with paralyzed legs, who you'll find in his wheelchair sometimes. Minion is a one-eyed wonder, jumping like a kangaroo!


    Evanston Animal Hospital

    516 Dempster ST

    Kahlua runs the joint. Period.

  • CANDLES, obvi

    All links go directly to a shop's candle selections

    Cultivate Urban Rainforest & Gallery

    704 Main St

    In addition to their vast offering of gorgeous plants, Cultivate has candles, matches, incense and offering bowls too 

    Stumble & Relish

    1310 Chicago Ave

    One of the best selection of candles in the neighborhood, most made my local artisans

    The Alchemist's Wife

    917 Chicago Ave

    Hand-poured in house by the owner, these organic soy candles smell amazing

    niceLena & Friends

    1235 Chicago Ave

    This shop may be tiny, but these candles have huge character. They fill up any room with dozens of sweet-smelling aromas. Highly recommended.

    The Wine Goddess

    702 Main St

    These candles have stones. Not the geological kind. You want candles with character? Shop here.

    Ten Thousand Villages

    915 Chicago Ave

    Candles, candleholders, wax sachets and specialty candles are all available at TTV.

  • reading, journaling and creating

    Maximize your time inside. Treat yourself and your family to journeys for your hands, hearts and minds!

    Art Makers Outpost At-Home Art Kits

    609 South Blvd

    Everything you need to make happy collages and "Craftivist" pieces - jewelry, collages, coasters an more - is included in AMO kits. All materials are recycled or upcycled, so your creations are totally sustainable.

    Booked: A Bookstore for Youthful Readers

    506 Main St

    Every title is curated by book nerds. While Booked specializes in books for kids and young adults, they have books for kids of all ages.

    Young, Black & Lit Bookstore at YoFresh

    635 Chicago Ave

    This YBL satellite bookstore inside YoFresh Cafe features books whose main characters are black. This non-profit uses the proceeds from sales to provide books to kids at public schools who cannot afford them.

    Squeezebox Books & Music

    743 Main St

    Genuinely, a competitor for "Most Fun" store in the district. Second-hand books and records abound at affordable prices, along with puzzles, sundries and gifts.

    stumble & relish

    1310 Chicago Ave

    There's always a stack of journals at stumble & relish that will make everyone giggle with delight.

    Ten Thousand Villages

    915 Chicago Ave

    As always, anything you buy at TTV is handmade by an artisan in an emerging economy who is paid a fair wage for their labor. These are beautiful gifts that are good for the world.

    Chicago-Main Newsstand

    860 Chicago Ave

    The most analog business in Evanston and also one of the most photographed, the iconic Chicago-Main Newsstand has hard-to-find magazines, books about local history, discount books and sundries

    Amanda Evanston Online Classes

    860 Chicago Ave

    Take a free painting class, purchase an individual painting class, or join the Insider's Studio for a year's worth of online creation. All sorts of options led by one of Evanston's favorites.

  • comfort food

    Some of our favorite hearty winter watering holes. To see all your choices on the Mile, visit our Restaurant Directory

    Blind Faith Cafe

    525 Dempster St

    The Vegetable Gardein Pot Pie is to die for. Vegetarians, look no further than Blind Faith


    815 Chicago Ave

    Family meal menus change every week, but expect delicious hearty fare like balsamic BBQ chicken, sautéed corn, and roasted new potato. Served with Sicilian cole slaw and your choice of salad and pasta.


    601 Dempster St

    Dozika's honey walnut shrimp is just one of the dishes that will make your mouth water for more. Generous portions ensure you'll eat for days ... if you can wait.


    913 Chicago Ave

    Hearty meals, including seasonal grilled veggies, Spinach pie, Greek Chicken, Pork souvlaki and more

    Evanston Grill

    1047 Chicago Ave

    This family owned Korean diner has the best Bee Beem Bop in town. Hands down.

    Firehouse Grill

    750 Chicago Ave

    Firehouse's new Sunday Suppers are a specialty changing menu, but their pizza and burgers are irresistible every day

    Hoosier Mama + Dollop

    749 Chicago Ave

    Savory and sweet pies make for a week's worth of warm deliciousness, or take home some soup. You won't regret any choice.

    La Principal

    700 Main St

    Order for yourself or your whole family. Family meals include pollo entero and take-and-bake tamales in addition to their Taco Tuesday make-your-own taco takeout!

    Siam Paragon

    503 Main St

    Siam Paragon Asian Bistro offers a variety selections from Thai, Sushi and Chinese menus, all made with fresh ingredients by really lovely people.

    Lucky Platter

    524 Main St

    The chicken piccata is exceptional, but so is the Beef Stroganoff, and OMG the Friday Night Fish Fry ... it's all tasty and substantial

    Trattoria D.O.C.

    706 Main St

    While they serve more than 30 varieties of pizza, Trattoria's pasta, steak and seafood entrees are absolutely incredible.

    Union Pizzeria

    1245 Chicago Ave

    They're famous for their massive pizza oven and the pizza never disappoints, but don't miss the chicken & dumplings or the veal & ricotta meatballs

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