What's going on in the district? See below!

    Fusion Academy presents

    "Being Mindful for Joy in School and Harmony at Home" with Dr. Shefali

    April 26, 2017

    610 South Michigan
    Chicago, IL 60605

    FREE EVENT: Join us for renowned author and speaker Dr. Shefali Tsabary's presentation, focused on finding and using mindfulness to stay grounded in the present. She will also guide us to use that grounding to promote emotional intelligence which can be used at home or in the classroom to encourage joy and harmony.

    See Jane Sparkle Starlet Appreciation Night: Beads, Bubbly & Beauty with The Alchemist's Wife

    April 27, 2017


    1312 Chicago Ave

    Join us at See Jane Sparkle from 6-8pm Thursday April for her monthly Starlet Appreciation Nite. I'll be there to help celebrate and create Make & Take Facial Masks. Get your goody bag of our newest serums to try while you shop & sip. Can't wait to see you there!

    Third Ward: Quarterly Town Hall Meeting with Alderman Melissa Wynne

    April 27, 2017


    Lincoln Elementary

    910 Forest Ave

    Dear Third Ward Friends:

    I've decided to hold established quarterly Third Ward Town Hall Meetings on the fourth Thursday of April, July, October, and January. The next Town Hall meeting is Thursday, April 27 from 7 to 8:30 pm at Lincoln School.

    Threads Boutique First Anniversary Party!

    April 30, 2017


    Threads Boutique

    1304 Chicago Ave

    You are invited to join us for our One Year Anniversary Party. Stop in and enjoy: Amazing Shopping, Gourmet Snacks, & Fun Giveaways.

    Thank you to all our loyal customers!

    Nichols PTA: Buy-In Party at See Jane Sparkle!

    April 30, 2017


    See Jane Sparkle

    1245 Chicago Ave

    If you didn’t make it to the Grown Up Lounge at Family Fun Night, you can still sign up for some terrific Buy-In Parties! Grab your friends and come meet some new ones. Enjoy drinks and snacks at FEW Distillery, Evereve, Benefit & Boltwood, See Jane Sparkle; or do candlelight yoga. For all the details, contact Susan Rohrback at susanerohrback@gmail.com.

    50 Tips to Help Build Profits

    May 1, 2017


    Hyatt House Chicago/Evanston

    1515 Chicago Ave

    Open to all small businesses, specifically retailers, service providers and restaurants - learn 50 Tips to Build Profits from a retail consultant!


    Participants in the seminars learn the latest retail technologies and techniques to maximize their businesses and receive a binder with check lists and forms to implement new procedures.

    Joint Third/Fourth Ward Town Hall Meeting: The New residential building on Sherman

    May 2, 2017


    Prairie Moon

    1502 Sherman Ave

    Aldermen Wynne and Wilson will hold discussion concerning the new residential building on Sherman Ave north of Dempster.

    Dreams and the Poetic Imagination

    May 5, 2017


    C.G. Jung Center

    817 Dempster

    Everyone who has ever awakened from a nightmare– or enjoyed a dream vision of delight– knows that the images in dreams are emotionally powerful. In our dreams we are all great poets, conjuring up images of great emotional depth. Naturally, our great poets have also contemplated the power of images in their work. The English Romantics, Wordsworth and Coleridge in particular, focused on the power of contemplating images from waking life. Sometimes they were emotionally positive (a “host of daffodils”), sometimes hauntingly frightening (the sight of a drowned man’s face pulled from the water). Either way, such images can have healing properties. The same is true of the images in our dreams. We will explore how such images work to restore the impaired imagination and bring us into a sacred encounter in our dreams.

    Dempster Street Mural Artist Selection: Community Input Night!

    May 11, 2017


    Bagel Art Cafe

    615 Dempster Street

    A new mural is scheduled to be installed on Dempster Street this fall. Six potential artists' work will be showcased for discussion and rankings. Those rankings will be used as an important part of final artist selection. This is a drop-in event, open to the public. All are welcome!

    Free Massages for National Bike Month!

    May 13, 2017


    Everyday Cycles & Motion

    941 Chicago Ave

    We're celebrating National Bike Month at Everyday Cycles and Motion by giving out free massages! Complete Chiropractic will be onsite starting at 11:00am. Bring your bike, enjoy a massage and grab some great deals for National Bike Month! 

    Main-Dempster Mile: Quarterly Meet & Greet!

    May 18, 2017


    Evanston SPACE

    1245 Chicago Ave

    Mayor-Elect Steve Hagerty and Alderman Melissa Wynne will greet the merchants of the Main-Dempster Mile and talk about small business in Evanston. They'll also participate in a Q&A along with other city officials that touch the Mile (we'll update this event as others confirm). Coffee and refreshments will be served. We hope you can join us!

    Community & Business Leader Event at Mudpie

    May 18, 2017

    5:30pm Reception

    7:00pm Show

    927 Noyes Street

    The Main-Dempster Mile is proud to be the sponsor of 2017's Mudlark Mudpie! We hope you'll join us at the reception celebrating local community and business leaders, and stay for this amazing show, original works written and performed by Mudlark's young ensemble.

  • 2017 district-wide events!

    Keep watching for details

    Custer Fair

    June 17-18, 2017

    Sidewalk Sale

    July 28-30, 2017

    Charity Wine Walk

    September 14, 2017

    2nd Annual Meeting / Party

    October 19, 2017

    Trick or Treat the Mile

    October 28, 2017

    Small Business Saturday

    November 25, 2017

  • Upcoming PUBLIC meetings

    Board of Directors Meeting

    Mon. 5/1/2017 10:30am @ Hip Circle Studio (709 Washington Street)

    Governance-Audit Committee Meeting

    Subcommittee Meeting

    Mon. 5/8/2017 3:00pm @ CoLab (900 Chicago Avenue)

    Marketing Committee Meeting

    Subcommittee Meeting

    Mon. 5/16/2017 9:00am @ La Principal

    Placemaking Committee Meeting

    Subcommittee Meeting

    Mon. 5/15/2017 4:00pm @Sketchbook Brewery (821 Chicago Ave)

  • Board Meetings

    The SSA board meets on the first Monday of each month at Hip Circle Studio (709 Washington Street)

    9/24/2015 (Agenda) (Minutes)

  • Committees


    Meets 2nd Monday of the month at CoLab; 2:00-3:30pm unless otherwise noted

    • 10/23/2016, noon @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.)
    • 11/9/2015, 9:00 am @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.)(Agenda) (Packet)(Minutes)
    • 12/3/2015, 1:00 @ Good's of Evanston (714 Main St.) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 12/14/2015 9:00 @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.) CANCELLED due to lack of quorum
    • 1/11/2016 @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.)
    • 2/8/2016 @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.)(Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 2/22/2016; 9:00 am @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 3/21/2016
      CANCELLED due to lack of quorum
    • 4/18/2016; 11:00 am @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave) (Agenda)  CANCELLED due to lack of quorum
    • 4/25/2016; 2pm @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.)
    • 5/9/2016; 9am @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.)
      (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 6/13/2016
    • 7/18/2016; 2pm @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.)
      (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 8/8/2016
    • 9/12/2016
    • 10/10/2016
    • 10/31/2016 9:00am @ CoLab (900 Chicago Avenue, Suite 104 ) (Agenda)(Packet)(Minutes
    • 11/14/2016 9:00am @CoLab (900 Chicago Avenue, Suite 104)(Agenda)(Packet)(Minutes)
    • 12/12/2016 9:00am @CoLab (900 Chicago Avenue, Suite 104)(Agenda)(Packet)(Minutes)
    • 1/9/17 3:00pm @CoLab (900 Chicago Avenue, Suite 104) (Agenda)(Packet)(Minutes) 
    • 2/27/17 3:00pm @CoLab (900 Chicago Avenue, Suite 104)(Agenda & Packet)(Minutes) 
    • 3/27/17 3:00pm @CoLab (900 Chicago Ave, Ste 104) Special Meeting (Minutes
    • 4/10/17 3:00pm @CoLab (900 Chicago Avenue, Suite 104)(Agenda & Packet)(Minutes) 
    • 5/8/17 3:00pm @CoLab (900 Chicago Ave, Suite 104)(Agenda & Packet)(Minutes) 



    Meeting times and locations vary on the 2nd Monday of the month. See below for details

    • 10/20/2015; 9:30 am, @ Brothers K Coffee (500 Main St.) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 11/16/2015: 3:00 pm, @ Brothers K Coffee (500 Main St.)(Agenda) (Packet) (Minutes)
    • 12/7/2015; 8:00 am, @ Civic Center Parasol Room (2100 Ridge Ave.) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 1/11/2016; 3:00 pm @ La Principal (700 Main St.) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 2/8/2016; 3:00 pm @ La Principal (700 Main St.) (Agenda)(Minutes)
    • 3/21/2016; 3:00 pm @ La Principal (700 Main St.)
      (Agenda) (Packet) (Minutes)
    • 4/18/2016; 3:00 pm @ La Principal (700 Main St.) (Agenda) (Packet) (Minutes)
    • 5/16/2016; 3:00 pm @ La Principal (700 Main St.) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 6/20/2016; 3:00 pm @ Sketchbook Brewing Co. (821 Chicago Ave. ) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 7/25/2016; 9:00am @ La Principal (700 Main St.)
    • 8/22/2016; 3:00 pm @ Sketchbook Brewing Co. (821 Chicago Ave.)
    • 9/19/2016; 3:00 pm @ La Principal (700 Main St.)
    • 10/17/2016; 3:00 pm @ La Principal (700 Main St.)
    • 11/21/2016; 2:30 pm @ La Principal (700 Main St.)(Agenda)(Minutes)
    • 12/19/2016 2:30 pm @ La Principal (700 Main St.)(Agenda & Packet)(Minutes)
    • 1/16/17 2:30pm @Sketchbook Brewery (821 Chicago Ave) (Agenda)(Packet)(Minutes) 
    • 2/13/17 3:45pm @Sketchbook Brewery (821 Chicago Ave)(Agenda)(Packet)(Minutes)
    • 3/20/17 3:45 @Cultivate (704 Main St)(Agenda & Packet)(Minutes)
    • 4/17/17 2:30pm @Protex (603 Dempster Street) (Agenda & Packet)(Minutes)
    • 5/15/17 4:00pm @Sketchbook Brewery (821 Chicago Ave)(Agenda & Packet)(Minutes)

    Marketing & Events

    Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month, 9-10:30am, See below for details.

    • 10/20/2016 @ Hip Circle Studio (709 Washington St.) (Agenda)(Minutes)
    • 11/16/2015; 9:00 am @ Hip Circle Studio (709 Washington St.) (Agenda)(Packet)(Minutes)
    • 12/21/2015; 9:00 am @ Hip Circle Studio (709 Washington St.) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 1/11/2015; 7:45 am @ Hip Circle Studio (709 Washington St.) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 2/1/2016; 10:30 am @ Civic Center rm 2402
      (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 2/16/2016; 9:00 am @ Hip Circle Studio 
      (Agenda) (minutes)
    • 3/21/2016; 9:00 am @ See Jane Sparkle
      (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 3/25/2016; 9:00 am @ CoLab (900 Chicago Ave.)
      (Agenda) (Packet) (Minutes)
    • 4/18/2016; 10 am @ Civic Center rm. 2402
      (Agenda)(Packet) (Minutes)
    • 5/16/2016; 9am @ See Jane Sparkle
      (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 6/3/2016; 9am @ Civic Center rm 2404
      (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 6/20/2016; 9am @ Hip Circle Studio (709 Washington St. ) (Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 7/18/2016: 9am @ Hip Circle Studio (709 Washington St.)(Agenda) (Minutes)
    • 7/28/2016; 8am @  Collage Cafe (912 Sherman Ave.) (Agenda)
    • 8/15/2016; 9am @ Collage Cafe (912 Sherman Ave.) (Agenda)
    • 9/19/2016; 8:15am @ Evanston Civic Center 2nd Floor (2100 Ridge Ave.) (Agenda)
    • 10/24/2016: 11:15am @ Hip Circle Studio (709 Washington St.)(Minutes)
    • 11/7/2016 8:00am @ Collage Cafe (912 Sherman Avenue)
    • 11/21/2016 9:00am @ Collage Cafe (912 Sherman Avenue)(Agenda)(Minutes)
    • 12/19/2016 9:00am @ Collage Cafe (912 Sherman Avenue)(Agenda & Packet)(Minutes)
    • 1/17/2017 9:00am @ Collage Cafe (912 Sherman Ave)(Agenda)(Packet)(Minutes
    • 2/15/2017 9:00am @Collage Cafe (912 Sherman Ave)(Agenda)(Packet)(Minutes
    • 3/21/2017 9:00am @Collage Cafe (912 Sherman Ave)(Agenda)(Minutes
    • 4/18/2017 9:00am @La Principal (700 Main Street)(Agenda & Packet)(Minutes)
    • 5/16/2017 9:00am @La Principal (700 Main Street)(Agenda & Packet)(Minutes) 


  • SSA Board Members



    Malik Turley

    Board President

    Hip Circle Studio


    term expires: 2017

    Jessica Oldani

    Vice President

    Oldani Entrepreneurial Law, P.C.


    term expires: 2017

    Eric Young


    Lucky Platter & La Principal


    term expires: 2018

    Jaime Leonardi


    Stumble & Relish


    term expires: 2018

    Alice George

    Placemaking Committee Chair

    Sketchbook Brewing Co.


    term expires: 2018

    Lindy Stockton

    Marketing Committee Co-Chair

    Collage Cafe


    term expires: 2017

    Bob Amado

    Area Landlord


    term expires: 2018

    Sara Jane Abbott

    See Jane Sparkle


    term expires: 2017

    Resident Seat



    term expires: 2017

  • About


    In 2014, over 60 small businesses located in Southeast Evanston signed a petition in support of investigating the creation of a Special Service Area for the commercial districts that currently make up the Chicago/Dempster business district and the Main Street business district. A Special Service Area (SSA) is defined by Illinois State Statute as a contiguous area within a municipality or county in which special services are provided in addition to those services provided generally throughout the municipality or county. Special services include things like landscaping, advertising, public art, and extra garbage collections. The special services are paid from revenues collected from taxes levied or imposed upon property within that area.

    A steering committee made up of area business and property owners worked with consultant to hold a series of 3 public meetings to seek feedback from the community about the proposal. Based on the feedback by residents, businesses, and property owners, a proposed budget and tax cap were developed and presented to the Evanston City Council. The City Council adopted the ordinances establishing the SSA during the summer of 2015.


    Click on the map for a more detailed view of SSA boundaries.