• meet the shop dogs

    And all the other furry creatures you can meet in our stores too

  • say hello to our furry pet friends: Shop cats and dogs

    If you're lucky enough to stop by when these furry friends are around, you might get a big, safe, furry hug.


    Kratos Strength Systems

    1310 Sherman Ave

    This happy poodle is the star of his own tee shirt that you can buy at Kratos. Yuri loves everyone with a joy that is absolutely contagious.

    Adoptable Fosters from CARE North Shore

    Follow Your Nose

    917 Chicago Ave

    Follow Your Nose has fostered almost 50 cats over the years, and you can almost always meet one when you're there. CLICK HERE for info on CARE North Shore.


    Cottage Jewelry

    530 Dempster St

    They're not there all the time, but when they are, Daisey and her sib will 100% plant their paw on the counter to say hi.


    Tremain Art

    838 Custer Ave

    Buddy is a gorgeous dog who loves a belly rub and just wants to press up against you while you talk art with Mom and Dad.


    Soapies Dry Cleaning & Tailoring

    1231 Chicago Ave

    This happy little dog hoards Crocs. If you take your Crocs off while you're working, you can be sure they'll end up in Chester's bed.


    Shumaker Design Associates

    703 Washington St

    Purcey is the Studio Pup who spends most of his day in the studio window. Go give him a wave and a thumbs up!


    In Fine Fettle Holistic Health Center & Wellness Boutique

    900 Chicago Ave Ste 100 (Main St entrance)

    Even if you don't see Lulu in the window at In Fine Fettle, you can see her on her frequent walks down Main. She loves to say hi!


    Rainbows for All Children

    614 Dempster St (Upstairs)

    Hercules has been hanging out at Rainbows ever since he was a tiny puppy, which wasn't that long ago. This gorgeous bulldog is an absolute love.

    Ricky Bobby

    The Pony Shop

    1244 Chicago Ave

    Ricky Bobby is new at the Pony Shop, and is *maybe* the cutest dog in the district.

    Ivann & Minion

    Bentley's Pet Stuff

    743 Chicago Ave

    Ivann is a fluffy white dog with paralyzed legs, who you'll find in his wheelchair sometimes. Minion is a one-eyed wonder, jumping like a kangaroo!

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