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    Katherine Gotsick, Executive Director


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    In 2014, over 60 small businesses located in Southeast Evanston signed a petition in support of investigating the creation of a Special Service Area for the commercial districts that currently make up the Chicago/Dempster business district and the Main Street business district. A Special Service Area (SSA) is defined by Illinois State Statute as a contiguous area within a municipality or county in which special services are provided in addition to those services provided generally throughout the municipality or county. Special services include things like landscaping, advertising, public art, and extra garbage collections. The special services are paid from revenues collected from taxes levied or imposed upon business and commercial property within that area.


    A steering committee made up of area business and property owners worked with consultant to hold a series of 3 public meetings to seek feedback from the community about the proposal. Based on the feedback by residents, businesses, and property owners, a proposed budget and tax cap were developed and presented to the Evanston City Council. The City Council adopted the ordinances establishing the SSA during the summer of 2015.


    Click on the map for a more detailed view of SSA boundaries.

  • SSA Board Members

    If you would like to apply to serve on the Main-Dempster Mile Board of Directors, CLICK HERE. Eligibility requirements: Serve on a committee, attend three committee meetings and one Board of Directors meeting.


    Yun Park


    Soapie's Dry Cleaning & Tailoring


    term expires: 2021 (non-renewable)

    Hunter Owen

    Vice President

    Wine Goddess


    term expires: 2020

    Rogie Sussman


    Vogue Fabrics


    term expires: 2021 (non-renewable)

    Barb Cascio

    Firehouse Grill


    term expires: 2020

    Gail Horvath



    term expires: 2021 (non-renewable)

    Bill Coyne

    Kratos Strength Systems


    term expires: 2021

    Claire Kettelkamp

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    Governance Documents that guide the activities and decisions of the Board of Directors of the Main-Dempster Mile

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